Wonderful Easy House with Super Interior Design throughout its Parts

Another great offering of unusual designs of easy house comes from a leisure area named the Batcave in London. A lighting interior designer, Ben Rosseau, had been extremely designed this 3000 square feet house with astonishing interior design that will amaze every person looking at it. The house contains spacious lounge to relax, hold parties, and play games.

The main living room is furnished by a set of white sofa and a bubble chair. This chair is set with colour-changing INSA, which is merging the boxed ceiling having the similar striking graphic brightened up by two-stages of colour-changing LEDS surrounded each pace.

This easy house plan allows the lounge to change its themed colours whenever you want to, and the changing lights coming from both ceiling and the bubble chair, will be reflected on the white sofas so they seem to change colour as well.

The more interesting part of this house is its underground car port that keeps an Aston Martin DB4 with a set of laser beams surround. The laser beams make a kind of protective line to the car. When the laser beams are on, their special red colour appears and covers the car. You also may say it will seem like an exhibit room that is being secured firmly.

A playing room the house has is formed into square, with wooden elements dominating its features. Some paintings are hung on its sides of wall; all are matching the themed colour of the room which are black, white, and partly-dark brown.

It is furnished with a television, a wooden cabinet, and a wooden pool table which is having steel legs in lined transparent cover. These legs make the table looks elegant. Seeing a little from this house’s plan, it then is considered as one of the easy house plans to build.

Picture Gallery of the Wonderful Easy House with Super Interior Design throughout its Parts

Wonderful Hanging Chair with Colorful Light in Project Batcave Ben RousseauUnique Sitting Space with Rounded Entrance in the Project Batcave Ben RousseauSophisticated Alarm Light Censor around the Car in Project Batcave Ben RousseauModern Project Batcave Design with Blue Wall and White CeilingIrregular Counter with Rounded Stools in Project BatcaveCozy Playroom in Project Batcave Ben Rousseau with Unique Billiard TableComfortable Living Room with Classic Chandelier in Project Batcave Ben RousseauColorful Living Room with Unique Hanging Chair in Project Batcave Ben RousseauAwesome Living Room in Project Batcave Ben Rousseau with White SofasAttractive Car on the Wooden Floor in Project Batcave Ben RousseauAppealing Sitting Space with Colorful Ornaments with Rounded Entrance in Project Batcave Ben RousseauAmazing Wooden Billiard Table with Unique Legs in Project Batcave

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