Wild Outdoor Indoor House: Simplicity inside Modern Architecture

Are you interesting to have an outdoor indoor house in the future? If you are the one who needs to have a private living space like this, you need to see what have done by designer of this sensational white house in Japan. Again and again, the conventional designer and architect Be-Fun Designer successfully brings out the modernity and sophistication as one to build up a modern house design with full of shocking effects and miracles.

And this is the Outdoor and Indoor House that is such masterpiece from relationship of mentioned designer above with Kohei Iwasaki and the leader of EANA, Tota Abe. This wonderful building is located in one of 23 extraordinary region of Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. This building is spends 775sqt lands and fully designed in iconic two levels house plans. And the reason why the indoor outdoor living house plans have been choose is because the owners, a young couple wants their house have more function to do both of outdoor activities and indoor activities. Hmm…interesting!

Look from a distance, of course this house looks so much different with the other neighborhoods and perfectly outstands with its gorgeous white construction. Look from above, it turns out this building is completed with a bulging roof that is acted as indoor wall climbing area, the playroom! And the frontage, oh my…you can see how simple the exterior has been manufactured, with combination of glass, wood, metal and concrete this cute white building is formed.

Look inside the house, the exterior is not far from the exterior itself, modern and simple. Instead of pops up the outdoor-indoor house concept, the interior also completed with house-inside-house floor plan. What a surprising WOW effect! Bathroom is place where everything is covered by glass and fully loaded with white, whereas right under this kingdom, there is a place which is called the wild bedroom. Yea, you really don’t need to hold house plans with outdoor living space if you already discover these cool and youthful ideas!

Picture Gallery of the Wild Outdoor Indoor House: Simplicity inside Modern Architecture

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