Well-Designed Black and White Interior Dedicated to Youthful Dwellers

Natalia Akimov, one of famous designer in Russia, is wonderfully designed an apartment with black and white interior themes for entire section inside. The main concept of the apartment is minimizes the furniture and maximizes the decoration with youthful accessories and appliances. Since you step on this room at the first time you will be greeted by pretty contrast room organization and materialization.

Black is cool, white is pure. This is the vision for both the designer and the owner. This apartment is contains of dining room, kitchenette, a bedroom, single bathroom, and a walk-in closet. Come into the apartment, you will directly meet the dining room and cook room. Slight and bright in full of white and sustain by black is the concept of this little mezzanine. To mate the black and white interior design, the designer put wood element as noticeable assistant inside.

Right behind the dining room, behind the Atlas wall mural in black, lays a serene bedroom in glorious white with black as paint of the private build-in bookshelf behind the bed, the furniture color and the bedroom accessories. Next to the bedroom, there is a transparent walk-in closet covered in fabulous glass chamber and connected by sliding glass door. Similar as the entrance decorating ideas, the closet is adorned by floral black wallpaper with a little touch of wood and metal. Facing the west, there is an ultra small enclosed balcony which is united by glass door, outright acts as ventilation in the bedroom.

Bathroom is the place where the youthful, modernity, and semi-industrial interior design mix as one in harmony. Everything is about arithmetical, rectangular form and spherical. The bathroom equipment, mirrors, wash-sink, toilet seat, door knob, floor mat, metal waste basket, even the toilet bowl brush container are circle at all. Well, in this 3x2m2, the bathtub, cloth hamper, and the build-in multiple cabinets are formed in rectangular. Don’t be surprised! The black and white interior design concept is smells good here, in the bathroom.

Picture Gallery of the Well-Designed Black and White Interior Dedicated to Youthful Dwellers

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