Vintage Bedroom Furniture in Modern Era

Living in the era which is fully loaded with modern technology does not prevent us from employing a vintage bedroom furniture. The bedroom design shall be adjusted with our needs. Besides, it is also important to make the right choice of the room design. Vintage does not always mean to go with heavy designed furniture. We can actually collaborate vintage impression with modern furniture. To answer your curiosity, let’s take a look at several bedroom design in the following.

The first design is the Mid-Century modern bedroom. It utilizes simple furniture to fill the bedroom. The very first bedroom furniture ideas is the Adrian Pearsall Lounge Chair. It has a high back support in a wooden frame. The chair is also supported with wooden arm rest. On the bed side, we can find an end table made out of wood. This furniture is designed by West Elm, who has created an exceptional furniture design all over the world.

If you want to go back to the 1970s without forgetting the present, you might want to take a look at the Brady house. This bedroom employs green rug as accompanied with white wall paint. On the bed side we can find two end tables made out of wood. The end table’s drawers are in the form of sliding motion. On top of those table, we would be able to find desk lamps which are made out of brass. This part of the house is also equipped with brown velvet chaise lounge.

Going a decade forward, we can find a 80’s bedroom style which combines elegance and glamor. The furniture employed inside this kind of bedroom usually has many curves. The end table, for example, has an exceptional curve on the drawer parts. The head board used in the 80’s bedroom is in the form of geometric retro headboard, giving electric and modern impression back in the day. Those bedroom furniture ideas decorating are very suitable for you who want to travel back in time.

Picture Gallery of the Vintage Bedroom Furniture in Modern Era

Chic Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Applied Blue Armchair and Wooden SideboardsBeautiful Vintage Bedroom Decor with Round Glass Sideboard DesignAwesome Geometric Headboard on Modern Bedroom with Grey BedspreadWonderful Artwork by Bruce Yager Inspired by Mid-Century Modern StyleWhite Dome Shaped Pendant Light in Bright Interior DecorationUpscale 80s Southwestern Bedroom Light Wood Sideboards and Classic Table LampsOrange and Blue Ikat Pillow on Grey Fabric Sofa DesignNew Wooden Nightstand with Mid-Century Modern Style Decorated with False OwlMint Lacquered Cube Side Table Decorated with Old Phone and Stacked BooksEclectic Bedroom Decoration Applied Unique Metal Table Lamp

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