Unique White Apartment with Open Floor Plan Living

It is coming from a new house architecture who bring this White Apartment. The white color while being used in a house will make an interesting look. Actually this white color doesn’t make your room looked bored at all. The thing about it, is that you can see the beautiful arrangement can be used in the living room better when you use this color in the living room.

You can see the furniture more clearly in the background of a white color. You can see such a beautiful example of this due to White Apartment Design which is covered in this house which is located in the Kingsholmen island which is located in Sweden. This house is a great house for a single family living which came with the size of more than 1500 square feet.

This house is the one that came with the open plan architecture and is influenced with the beauty look of the clear lake surrounding it. The living room of the house came with a modern look and the sofa came with the silver color and you can get fresh air when opening the glazed window there. This living room also came with some flowers planted here to make a beautiful appearance and make it looked fresher. This white living room is completed with the white chandelier as well. You will know more about this after visiting the site.

The colorful pillows will make a wonder for the living room, it will make the silver colored sofa not looked painful. A mosaic image is hanging in the wall to bring a different side which is kind of dark. The open plan architecture in White Apartment Walls used here makes you can see the dining area from the living room because it came with no boundary.

Picture Gallery of the Unique White Apartment with Open Floor Plan Living

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