Unique Shipping Containers Home by Chadbourne

Have you ever heard of Shipping Containers Home before? This house may inspire you. Nowadays, when you want to make a house, it doesn’t always come from brick and walls like the houses usually. Now, you can turn something which has a large space into a house for you. Like these shipping containers which have been through some modification and is turned into a house.

It is such a big surprise that this concrete, metal and wood combination can make a house. When you see this Shipping Containers Home Themes from outside, you won’t think that this house is such a shipping container. It is abandoned with dark walls, exposed beams and tan wood ceiling. This house looks pretty normal and is not different than the usual houses.

This house came with many windows installed which make you can see any spots in the house from the living room. This house is complete with a garage to keep one car. This house will be very good when you want to keep your privacy, as this house is closed from outside. And this house came with a large fence and some bushes that makes people can’t see inside of the house.

There are 3 main important areas in the first floor. The first one is the living room, it came with a modern look and some comfortable sofas. The next spot is the small office room, it is the right place for you to work here. And it came with a large desk with U shaped desk which will be more efficient to be used, there is only a single art image hanging in the wall as the decoration. The next feature due to Shipping Containers Home Information is the garden which is placed inside the house, this garden is beautiful but has no plants on it.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Shipping Containers Home by Chadbourne

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