Unique Modern Outdoor Spaces with Beautiful Slabs Garden

If you have not found the unique modern outdoor spaces, you may find the wonderful garden of slabs with the high art sense completed this spacious area. The project named Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudananas located in Cordoba is the example which is planting on the vast area. Colorful slabs with so many design has made the design looks so wonderful and stylish. You can enjoy having the evening with your partner and remembering it as the most romantic moment of your life.

This space seems like a giant umbrella with colorful cover. The slabs which are planted on the spacious area is used as the garden and playing area. It looks very nice as a good space for enjoying the days under the shading. Big slabs of this modern outdoor spaces design are ready to make the atmosphere feel fresher.

Moreover, this nice colorful concept is not only in the surface of the umbrella; but we can also find beautiful concept of nice accent on the floor. It is designed so special and stylish which will make you get nice and beautiful time on it. It seems so great, perfect and interesting as the good space will make you enjoy seeing it. It is also so unique with the garden of slabs designed as colorful giant umbrella.

If you are looking at the top level of this building, you could find the beautiful spacious area with umbrellas by which you can examine the colorful garden scheme. Yellow, green, pink, blue, white, light brown and other colors are mixed in this spacious area. It looks very good as you can smile to see how wonderful this space is. If you are going to get more challenge, you can stay on the slabs of this modern outdoor living space for having some sun bathing.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Modern Outdoor Spaces with Beautiful Slabs Garden

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