Unique Hen House Design Applying Wooden Material Construction

Hens need special place such hen house design that had been created by Jen Dalley by applying wooden material construction maximally to design a hen house that has comfortable condition for hens.

Unique and comfortable design of this hen house is applied perfectly in a project of Hen House. Wooden material construction is arranged modernly that is combined with construction of wire that will make a design of hen house to be perfect.

Design interior of this hen house is modified comfortably for hens that will be placed in the hen house. Interior design of this house is completed with design of hanged feed place which it becomes important decoration of a hen house.

Design of the hanged feed place looks so interested and modern by using stainless color design. It looks so interested and suitable to be completed with design of wooden material applied as a part of hen house plans.

Design of floor in this hen house is made comfortably by applying comfortable and soft material design so it will give a comfortable condition for all of hens placed in. Simple door design that is placed in a hen house wall will give a special service for hen. This door design will become an access that will make hen to move from inside to outside. It will make hens are not bored to live in their special house.

In this project design of egg place is also designed comfortably for hen. Design of the egg place is made by applying straw decoration as a bed of the egg place. This straw egg place will make eggs always in a safe condition.

Besides, wooden construction is also used perfectly to design straw egg place in order to be safer and more comfortable. All of them actually become hen house building plans that can be applied perfectly to create a comfortable hen house.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Hen House Design Applying Wooden Material Construction

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