Unique Contemporary Home Design with Wooden Siding Accent

Look at to the Barn House Eelde that has unique contemporary home design that you ever see. This house is located in south of Eelde, Netherlands. Barn House is designed by Kwint Architects and this house is standing on 1,052 square feet area. The first picture is already shows you the unique appearance of the house. As you can see through the picture, it has wooden siding accent that covering the whole home building.

This house looks like a farm house from afar. It has traditional triangle roof design with zinc roof material. You also can see steel chimney emerges from the rooftop. This house looks like wooden cage that you can open. The wooden siding accent looks stylish with metal frame. By seeing the wooden siding accent, then it represents a unique contemporary home style. Look down to the floor at the terrace area and you will see dark wooden deck along the terrace.

After you finish with the exterior design of Barn House, then you can come inside the house. It has contemporary interior design in warm and comfort atmospheres. The next picture shows you the interior design of Barn House. It has open floor plan living area as you can see through the picture. It has comfort family room with contemporary fireplace design. You also can find a set of upholstered sofa design at the family room.

The dining room is located right after the family room. You will see wide wooden dining table with leather chairs around the table. Look down to the floor and you will see smooth wooden floors around the house. The kitchen room looks stylish in minimalist kitchen design. It has grey kitchen set with black countertops. It is a pleasure to see a unique contemporary home building like Barn House through the picture gallery.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Contemporary Home Design with Wooden Siding Accent

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