The Amazing Home Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander

By a palace in Croatia on the Adriatic ocean to a popular artistic new city attic, Russian designs Sanitary Alexander show a only aptitude to success take nice house to living over all styles.
By his bright usage of paint, materials and any project elements plus his intuitive interpretations of his client’s ideal life spaces, his creates not only a house, but a way of life environment.
We divide much of his absorbing designs under so would hopefully inspirit you in your personal home design projects.

A teen’s lodge is decor for their to relish run along now as well as good with the futurity. It boasts a table from contemporary department A separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs, a freely shaped settee, along with walls of shining sunflower yellow green.

A eclectic living room combines accidental accessories of cane with deluxe marble walls as well as significant fresh artwork.

The ceiling use in the home’s inside spa arches above the pond along with is mimicked by the ellipse casement oversight the park. The chart is section from a cover of brassy.

That Croatian palace incorporates the power of concrete softened by natural rudiments of rustic wood, woven furniture together with picturesque views of the village.

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Picture Gallery of the The Amazing Home Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander


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