Sweet and Beautiful Interior Idea of Roxie Villa in Miami

Vacation is on! It’s the right time to forget about your boring job for a while. It seems nice to bring your family to a villa to spend the holidays= together. You will appreciate the warmth and cheerful situation in every moment. Having breakfast or lunch will be the great plan to do with your family in an open and bright dining room. You can feel the breeziness within this room. A combination between classic and contemporary details create a comfortable moment. The eye–caching furniture,such as the contemporary dining chairs, a classic detail in the wooden dining table, and absolutely the great and cheerful chandeliers. How awesome it is!

Can you imagine playing Billiard in this cozy room? It seems warmer and brighter because of the position of many glass doors. The pale colour as one of the visual tricks to create an elegant room, especially with the additions of the great pendant lamps. A living room has always been a central part of the house, including in a =modern and luxurious villa= like this. The using of the white furring rug will make a comfortable impression to the people who live in. High gloss finishing on the coffee table is a perfect design to all the furniture in the living room.

Romantic, wonderful, and extraordinary comfort. Those are the impressions in our mind when we meet a perfect detail of bedroom. The luxury white canopy bed is a brilliant idea in the beautiful bedroom’s theme in white. White dominantly covered the living room again. A nice and modern fireplace becomes unique with the European details. It creates the brighter and warmer impressions at the same time. Lovely.

Spend the days blissfully doing your own thing and then gather everyone together with your family is interesting, isn’t it? This is a brilliant idea to take a rest in a villa= as the vacation’s plan. A nice weather really brings people out. It’s time to swim in the luxurious design of swimming pool. Does it make you feel like in a Country Club? Yes, it does! It totally does!

Picture Gallery of the Sweet and Beautiful Interior Idea of Roxie Villa in Miami


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