Sustainable Material for Household Appliances Need; Cork Wood is the Answer

The world of nowadays architecture often features a selection of material that further stray from the common use. The materials of nowadays design vary from the source, the base, and the purpose.

One of the most common notions now is on using sustainable material that will benefit the environment and will further reduce the damage to the nature and also to save the un-renewable material from the nature. One of the ways is to use recycled material on the design.

One of the most common sustainable materials for household design nowadays is cork. Cork is a material made of cork plants that grow commonly in Southern Europe and Northern Africa. The material is widely praised for being impermeable, buoyant, fire retardant, and elastic. This material will be a great alternative for other materials like plastic, fiber, steel, or fabric. This material is suitable for any household products.

Made by CorkWay design, there are several example of how corks can be incorporated to your everyday’s life. The first design is a nice set of memo boards shaped like a voodoo dolls. The next clever design is a set of instant shelf and bowl with great practicality.

This product will be suitable to store things like candies or marshmallows. The next impressive design is a nice wash basin made entirely from cork. Those are such nice way in incorporating this sustainable material for everyday’s use.

The need of sustainable, environmentally sound, and eco-friendly material has led the world of design to this path where the best sometimes can be found on the nature. The use of cork as an answer for the demand of eco sustainable material for household design that seek for an alternative solution to fulfill the need of material without creating further harm to the nature.

Picture Gallery of the Sustainable Material for Household Appliances Need; Cork Wood is the Answer

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