Super Stylish Bathrooms from Delpha

Fantastic designs come from brilliant idea’s Delpha. The cute ornaments really cover the bathroom area. Take a shower in a beautiful bathroom give a new spirit for you at the morning and an extra relaxation time at evening. The choosing of fresh color and unique pattern on the wall, beautiful pendant lamps, and plant–houses as the interior design will create a sweet impression to your bathroom.

An open and bright bathroom comes in unique and large design. The strong colors like blue and red become a great idea in the white dominantly bathroom. A round mirror with the racks and small cabinet are saving more spaces in the room.
Soft and sleek. Different with the others, this design has a feminine touch with the soft colors on every ornaments and furniture. The lighting system also creates a dramatic glowing light at night, and becomes brighter at noon because of the sunshine from the outside. Sweet.

The elegant detail appears on this bathroom. The brown color of the cabinets and the wooden flooring keep the room warm even in the cold season. The warm and friendly situations allow as refreshing our mind in the bathroom after the hard day work. Romantic and stylish touch appears because of the using of pendant lamps that have a style like the lanterns.

Another unique bathroom like in the picture really hypnotizes us. Delpha also focuses with the wall decoration that has a different touch like the others. Although the size of bathroom categorized as a small bathroom, but with the well–positioning and a great illumination setting, the bathrooms looks larger and brighter now.
The purple shade comes in this bathroom. An extra large size of the bathtub creates such a comfort feeling for the domicile. This modern bathroom has the stylish and exclusive impression, especially the unique pendant lamps that create a dramatic height impression of a bathroom.

Picture Gallery of the Super Stylish Bathrooms from Delpha


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