Sunny Blue Sky above Monochrome Design of Modest Home

It is like a big monochrome design of briquettes arrangement lying on 4,182 sq ft residence. A minimalist house which has the total white color located in Paco de Arcos, Portugal is designed by architect Jorge Mialha and had been completed in 2010. The single color looks vivid under a bright day sky color. The simple style of this building is not the boundary for the house becoming a nice living cave in modern life.

Seen from the outside, an alignment of slice white thin board becomes the fence of the living home. Green grass on the yard grows finely as furry green square carpet spreading the in front of the white rectangular building. The exterior appearance makes the monochrome design ideas coming more vividly for the looking-eyes. Pale grayish concrete makes the outer floor of the house has a slash contrast with the white walls. To make the monochrome no so monotonous sight, at about the walls, thin decorative natural bamboos are planted providing the minimalist view in the outside of this building.

If we move up to the upper exterior, clear glass fence borders the square open space where a solemn pale blue swimming pool lying below the clear blue sky. Moving to the each aisle which the briquettes building formed, you will be presented with the sky hollow, the natural blue color is framed in white frame from the angled house.

Let us check in the interior design, as if in a futuristic home, all sights are in white. Bright and spotless white is the interior background of this monochrome themed living place. Several rooms use paly wooden floor. With some glass walls, the blinding white sight may be reduced by letting the outer space view to come inside through the clear walls. These styles can be the monochrome interior design ideas for modern building.

Picture Gallery of the Sunny Blue Sky above Monochrome Design of Modest Home

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