Summer Homestead for the Best Moments in Vacation

Who does not want to get amazing vacation, especially get a sleep in summer homestead. It is not only perfect vacation ever, but it will be great moments especially doing together with someone whom you love, it was prepared for a beautiful summer vacation for a couple, where it offers so many features and accommodates comfort house.

Beautiful Summer Homestead designed by DX Arquitectors provides some features with several volumes and cutouts by taking the benefit from beautiful view around. It is about 280 square meters and its location overlooks the beach and the water.

Every morning will be great time for the owner to get sunrise, and every morning they also can get the chance to say good bye to the sunset. It is awesome and wonderful moments. Beautiful shape like a cubical box with dark color, black looks elegant and strong. It is really friendly with the voice of waves in every seconds.

Awesome and modern is the words that we can say, but an oasis around of this house is such as the second heaven in the world, it bring fit feeling, love and full of peaceful. The shape of this house divided in two part living areas.

It is strong enough to be seen from black and white paint, which is divided that area. Beautiful terrace is also welcoming the waves and the wind, it is more comfort with the long desk, nice to get sunbath over there.

Going to the house, we can guest that this house is full of surprise, yes, that is true. Living room is right on the beach, with wall glass is ready to gives us natural view. Beautiful ceiling-light and a pot of flowers show interesting touch from the coffee table.

It takes benefit also from the view outside, so we will never loss the view from outside. Beautiful kitchen, wonderful bedroom, comfort bathroom are ready to make you get the next surprise from this Beautiful Summer Homestead Ideas.

Picture Gallery of the Summer Homestead for the Best Moments in Vacation

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