Stunning Modern Family Residence in Thiva, Greece

Located on the outer edge of Thiva, Greece, this lone tale house with underground room was build for a relations of four by Exarchopoulos designer. Nearby by a lone, scenery street, single of the house most beautiful individuality is its panoramic outlook of the nearby farmland plus forest. The designer shaped a U–character decor by between similar–pipe quantity to half–surround as well as emphasize an interior patio with outside living room. The house outdoor blend satisfactorily with the nearby normal rudiments with its white floorboard planking along with granite armor.

The major living locale is unlock plus fresh with kitchen gap into dining space into living room. The house skin a lone tale on top of a cellar admission off of the key tube. The house interior include many normal rudiments, feel as well as plain quality but unmoving sense modest.

A lavishly big swimming pool enlarge from now exterior the house outwards. The outdoor frontage is complete from white clean planking along with sandstone. The house was construct in a U–figure to surround a middle patio nearby from each of the three department.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Modern Family Residence in Thiva, Greece


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