Stunning Home Interior with Triplex Wall

Designing home interior can be a very lovely and fun thing to do. We know that many people have their own ideas of designing their home interior however, seeing home interior below will perhaps give you inspiration to remodel you house. We have some pictures and information about how to design your house in minimalist and colorful way.

Look at the picture. Here, you can see the living room has colorful colors is applied. The furniture such as sofas, rack, and the dining table has blue color. The rug under the blue sofa has Tosca color and it looks very comfortable and warm.

Nearby it, there is a glass wall in the left side of the sofa. Through the glass wall, you can see beautiful design of back yard in your house. Home interior design like this is very simple and very suitable for you who love to apply different color in one room.

In the next picture, you can see the triplex wall. Applying triplex wall in your house will make the wall is stronger and warmer. In the surface, you can apply stone pattern in white and black color. It makes your room looks more cheerful.

When you come into the kid’s bedroom, you can see that the room looks very simple but still, lovely for kids. With white and black theme, the room looks very nice. There are two bed has white bed cloth and white and black blanket in stripe pattern.

The wall is painted like a wood gate in white color while the upper side has black color. The curtain also has stripes pattern in white and black color. Your kids will feel very comfortable of being here.

In the next picture, you can see the main bedroom has white and black color combination added by blue and green color of its furniture. The wall is painted in geometrical patterns in white and black color combination.

It is simple but when we look closer, the painting is a bit complicated. They are all applying triplex wall that makes you feel warmer. Home interior design ideas like this will be a very smart idea as a reference to remodel your house.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Home Interior with Triplex Wall

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