Spectacular Mountainside Coupled with Cold Scenery around Every Day

Some people choose to live in the highlands because of the cold atmosphere and lonely, this mountainside house in Switzerland. Views of the snow and cold weather make it look quieter although there are a few houses next to it.

Filled with snow and cold make this house a place closed and not open to the outside. Also in adjoining houses, looks closed and deserted but the house is very simple and not too flashy designs. Due to daily weather, this mountainside house plans using Concept with wood close as the main material.

The surrounding houses exterior paint in brown or dark gray colors; the colors look stronger to fight the cold weather. Window installation was not the broadleaf and open, only to see a medium-sized state outside. Facing snowy area in all directions, making this home provides natural scenery straight from the source. It was originally built by Franz Schmid and it has different way to make the owner warm and heat.

For the inside, this house also uses wood as its main ingredient. Wooden floors, wooden ceilings and all wooden furniture in it. Other than that there are some fur materials on the chairs, tables and floors. The fleece material used to warm the body from the cold weather outside. The house also contained a wooden storage space. On the inside part, there is also placed a modern fireplace that can warm the room.

In a room there is a large glass window which is visible to see outside. The outside view is the foot of the mountain and the snow covered it. That rare view is clear from the house without go out from the house. When seeing the interior design and decoration, it has different style with the exterior. The interior has modern and minimalist design which is sophisticated enough and the exterior is just simple and flat.

Beside the mountain and very close and quiet community is rather rare to see because it is seclude from the city. This unique and different mountainside house plan with a view provides very distinct scenery for the occupant on it.

Picture Gallery of the Spectacular Mountainside Coupled with Cold Scenery around Every Day

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