Spacious Modern Residence in Minimalist Design

With the right texture and décor, an all-white concept for a modern home interior design cannot go wrong at all. Key Biscayne Residence, a modern residence project designed by Leandro Mora Designs will be the perfect inspiration for you on how exquisite the bright and airy room is with the use of all-white concept along with the right choice of furniture and décor that show off the attractive splash of color popping in the room.

Rather than looking unattractive and plain, this stunning modern residence will show you the appealing interior that combines the use of white paint from floors to ceilings with the splash of lovely blue, resembling the color of beautiful sea you can see in distant.

Take a look at the airy living room that features the use of glass doors as access to the patio while exposing the beautiful view of the sea outdoors. The choice of shades of blue for the sofas along with the tufted details on the pink one and the clean white ones become the interesting point which will make you and your family feel comfortable to hang around within this space.

The use of bright tone is proven in creating the illusion of a larger space, which you can see in the kitchen of this airy residence. The final look is not only a bright and airy kitchen; this space looks really spacious as well due the furniture arrangement that features the ergonomic aspect.

The kitchen cabinet is installed as built-in on the wall to maximize the wall space available, followed by the adorable textures as the details with refreshing aqua splash.

Moving to the bedrooms, you can see one with the pop of fresh turquoise as part of this stunning modern residence design, which is featuring pop of colors in an all-white room. You can also see the gorgeous and adorable golden accent decorating the bed.

The other bedroom shows off the hint of beautiful purple for the tufted headboard in an all-white bedroom. The transparent glass windows bring the view of sea outdoors, thus adding splash of colors instantly within this minimalist room.

The pop of colors in each room looks really pleasing, due the nature of white paint as the neutral color. This way, you can bring more colors in your rooms while maintaining the minimalist details at the same time.

Picture Gallery of the Spacious Modern Residence in Minimalist Design

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