Sleek Bathrooms Design by Danelon Meroni

An oriental bathroom that has an extraordinary–view will attract everyone. Solid wooden material dominantly used as the flooring and wall. A unique detail of the sliding door takes us to the balcony that allows the sunshine going through into the room. Here comes the sophisticated decoration that can accommodate the bath time and also a shower. An easy walk–in panel from glass material is a modern inspiration that you can apply in your bathroom.

Another bathroom that has an extraordinary view seems sleek with the simplicity theme. A shower at the corner of a room will be a great idea for you who like the simple design of a bathroom. Back to nature concept of a bathroom really brings us to the extraordinary–comfortable. The natural stone becomes a great material for the wall, describes a long–lasting feature. We can get a plush impression from the bathtub and sink with the high gloss furnishing of dark granite as the main material.

Put the double of round mirrors above a double sink to utilize space and help to reflect the light in the room. A bathtub allows easy walk–in access with the glass door as the panel. A bathroom with a minimalist type also has a comfort impression and eye–catching. It depends on you, as the people who live in the house who can create well–organized decorations in your own bathroom. But, if you want to remodel it with the minimalist design like in the picture, these article might be offered you the inspirations.

Picture Gallery of the Sleek Bathrooms Design by Danelon Meroni


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