Simple Modern House Design for Farmhouse to Give You High Comfort

On the large field and grassy land, a modern house stands alone with sprawling landscape surround it. It has peace and calm that are very appropriate to make your mind relax. So far away from the noisy street, only the building and the nature accompany you in here. A path with traditional wooden fence guides you entering the house. There are green facades that seem hiding the beauty. Actually the installation is not complete yet with home decoration. However, this will be comfortable place for modern home living.

It is Summerhill House, a contemporary farmhouse designed by Boyd Cody Architects with modern house design. The team has succeeded in making the look of farmhouse which is mostly looked traditional to be more fashionable one. There are two installations merged into one building in which the main building is higher that secondary one. The designers do not let the beautiful view go away. Henceforth, they use wide windows as well as sliding doors to get the outside view in. Such design is applied on both sides. These enable you to feel free of seeing the front yard or the backyard.

This modern farmhouse won’t be complete without furniture and other home decoration. Even if the installation doesn’t entirely finish yet, you may imagine what kind of furniture should be there. The team has already used wooden materials for kitchen island added by metal countertop, the floor, and also the stair steps. They are in well finished woods that look clean and shiny. It is different from the bathroom using whit smoke ceramics and mirrors fulfilling the upper side.

This is a large house in which each room gets good air circulations. It sounds interesting to set living room in the room with full outside views. In the weekend, you may just relax on the sofas while the wind blows in and touches your skin. It makes you cool and fresh, right? But if you want to have something more, you can go up to the rooftop. This area can be functioned for small plantation or outdoor living room. For children, it will be wonderful playground because this place makes them free. Using modern house design concept, you and your family will get more comfort.

Picture Gallery of the Simple Modern House Design for Farmhouse to Give You High Comfort

Awesome Look of the Summerhill House Roof SpaceAppealing Summerhill House Bathroom with White Sinks and Long MirrorAmazing Look of the Summerhill House Staircase with Wooden FootingsWide Interior of the Summerhill House with Wooden FloorSimple Kitchen of Summerhill House with Wooden CounterMinimalist Look of the Summerhill House Exterior with Green YardLong Alleyway inside the Summerhill House with Wooden FloorInteresting Kitchen Space in Summerhill House with Glossy SinkFascinating Look of the Summerhill House with Wide Glass WindowsFabulous Summerhill House Kitchen View with Wooden Counter

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