Serene Sun House Design 2012-2013

On a curb bend plan within an recognized small house locale in Singapore, sit an beautiful house name the Sun home, decoration by Guz designer. explain by the architect as comparatively dense—notwithstanding what materialize as extensive size—the structure L–wrought explain was pressed to the stern of the spot to make the most of the room, allow the conception of a personal patio that sense open although the thickly build environs.

Pond plus a pool were urbanized to give gorgeous focal point as well as a fresh, tranquil ambiance. Small island on which foliage drift trash the sun–soaked patio, serving to construct level of foliage during the room.
The double stage house is reserved open from ground to maximum with the operation of a mezzanine height, flank by clear goblet balustrade for clear glow run along with presentation ability. Similarly, the external room enjoy a twice height feature from the outdoor stairs, balcony plus roof plant.

The proprietor of this house prejudiced much of the last seem of the construct, as their wide compilation of artwork as well as statue enthused the decor of tidy niche with stocky barrier building to home the valuable art portion. The same resources have be old within along with out, generate a tranquil flood from single wall to the after that, plus hopeful unobstructed use of all feature of the house.

Picture Gallery of the Serene Sun House Design 2012-2013


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