Pizzeria Design with Simple Interior, Industrial Finish, and Hip Detailing

For pizza aficionados, a pizzeria is like a church that’s worth the visit every now and then. Each pizzeria has its own secret recipe and one pizzeria will provide a differently tasted pizza with the other.

And as the taste of the pizza goes different, so does the design and the interior architecture of the pizzeria. Each pizzeria will usually boast a unique interior of their own and the good ones are the one that makes you cannot forget the food and the place. Take a look at this nice pizzeria design below.

Designed by the creative team at Noses Architects, the KOOK restaurant and pizzeria is located on via Cassia 2040, Rome, Italy. The pizzeria is a great example of modern pizzeria design, but with still a hint of traditional legacy of long standing history of pizzerias.

The pizzeria is a mixture of eclectic and hip modern style diner mixed with great choices of colors and interior furnishing to bring out a casual and hip dining place that will also surely tasted good for the eye.

The inside is a wide dining area with several tables and the unique thing is that all the tables are differently designed to create a sense of diverse and raw diner place. The floor is a combination of wood parquet and ceramic tiling with spacious walls and Italian proverbs carved on it.

The ceiling is decked with exposed exhaust pipes and wires to create an industrial look of this pizzeria design. The room is also equipped with standard pizzeria furnishing like a condiment cabinet, a bar, and an open kitchen.

The overall design of this pizzeria evokes a nice and warm feeling, especially with the inclusion of a large tree that was preserved and displayed in glass terrarium on the center of the room. The design of this pizzeria is simply nice and will certainly adds up a more sense to your palate while you are on it, enjoying your slice of pizza, surrounded by the modern pizzeria design with simple interior.

Picture Gallery of the Pizzeria Design with Simple Interior, Industrial Finish, and Hip Detailing

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