Traditional Home Design Architectural Raised Ceiling

Sleek Traditional Bathroom Design Travertine Tile Floor Willowend Project

Taken a look from the outside, this traditional home design appears attractively with the rough exterior wall which is combined with patterned wall. Wooden accents and trims are added to fix with this unique exterior wall. Wooden fencing borders the home territory which is with beautiful neat garden. Straight path connects the home entrance to […]

Home Entrance Imposing Decoration Traditional Home Interior Design Ideas Traditional Interior Wooden Decorated Floor Wooden Fencing

Countryside Home Design in Traditional Architecture

Tynewood is a traditional home designed in countryside home design style by Rice Residential Design. The main character that people may not forget after taking a look of this house is the traditional style home architecture and interior design. However, the beautiful garden surrounding is also imposing that anyone will be impressed to see. Some […]

Beautiful Outdoor Garden Countryside Home Design Home Architecture Home Exterior Image Living Furniture Traditional Home Interior Design

Rustic Home Design with Sleek Garden Outside

Another project by Rice Residential Design is this private house, Sandalwood, which was developed based on rustic home design. It looks stunning to combine with the neat outdoor garden which is fulfilled with clean lawn and colorful flowers. This introduces the viewer to the neat designed exterior with stone wall and wooden trims. Then, getting […]

Casual Outdoor Gathering Open Floor Plan Design Private House Rustic Home Design Rustic Home Design Ideas Rustic Style Interior

Stone House Design with Some Decorative Wooden Trims

This beautiful stone house design, Sanctuary, was completed by Rice Residential Design. It feels really peaceful with the excellent combination of the architectural materials, such as stone, wood and the additional freshness greens surrounding. The outdoor garden with lawn and vegetation create the beautiful of the house image, while the stone and wood are the […]

Dramatic Interior Design Facade Design Jagged Stone Wall Stone House Design Stone House Design Exterior Stone House Design Ideas

Wonderful Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas with Bright Wall Design

Design of kitchen that applies contemporary kitchen design ideas will be able to look more wonderful and special. This design idea will be able to look more perfect by applying bright wall design applied in the kitchen so it will create a comfortable impression of kitchen design. This kitchen design is applied in a project […]

Elegant Tile Decoration Exotic Brown Marble Glossy White Tile Luxurious Desk Surface Modern Bright Wall Wonderful Contemporary Kitchen

Modern White Wall Interior Decorating Applying Futuristic Decoration

There are many ways that can be done to create a modern design of house interior which one of them by applying white wall interior decorating that will be able to make design of house interior to look more modern and interested. Besides, bright, clean, and fresh impression will be able to come indirectly by […]

Futuristic Interior Style Living Room Shelf Single Sofa Application Soft Brown Light Unique Fireplace Design white living room