Out-Of-The-Box Unusual Construction Ideas: Amazing Sloping Top Roof

Wait for the hottest unusual construction of this year, architect of this contemporary house has started first. The designer that we are talking about is a Beirut-based studio, a Bernard Khoury Architects. This firm is preciously chosen by the owner of a modern three-level house in Kfardebian, Beirut, Lebanon. And the project which this firm has been done to run for is the Plot 4328. If you are an architectural lover, you will definitely fall in love with this house. Check it out!

Totally done in 2010, this amazing family residence is completely with uphold the contemporary home exterior ideas, unexpected creativity and expert manufacturing skills that successful build up this extraordinary exterior construction. These images below will help us to see the awesome top roof and total construction of this building, so does the interior, from different angles and sides. This one for example, is an image taken by south side and we can see the total performance of the sloping roof.

Taken from the southeast, combination of glass element, wood and metal are clearly visible. Well, concrete and local stone ends up the collaboration so well. One thing you should know is this sloping roof with all the unexpected structure like pretty rapid wooden stairway, twin cave-like entry way and bare and that cute pasty yellow concrete short narrow stairway, all of them are act as the frontage! Yea, all those shocking effects of this unique top roof are set become the vanguard of this house. Perfect!

So, what the main function of this sloping facade? There, you can see that the wooden stairway connects the outside with a top narrow section on top that is surrounded by glass fence, right? That narrow space is place where the beautiful landscape of this region will obviously able to be seen. Yes! This is a private view post, and it is the complementary of contemporary home exterior design ideas which is used basic, as the crucial focusing.

Picture Gallery of the Out-Of-The-Box Unusual Construction Ideas: Amazing Sloping Top Roof

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