Odenplan’s Stunning Modern Stockholm Apartment Design

This roomy town residence skin an fresh unlock ground diagram full with trendy, contemporary furniture in brave dye of red, pallid plus black with pronunciation of carroty. The cold protection is organism obtainable for $1.70 million with 1,600 full plaza foot, a epicure kitchen, three bedrooms as well as two bathrooms.

The living space brag an specialist pool desk on single surface< plus a filled seats/lounge district on the further. The wealthy shady timber ground add warmness to the space or else cold palette. This smooth bathroom skin ground to ceiling contemporary carpet in conflicting size as well as decor. The laundry machine fits satisfactorily tuck into the bend. The slender pallid kitchen is centered approximately a leading tangible top island set beneath a theatrical slanting covering. The master bedroom is bedecked simply with a easy ruler dimension divan along with black foliage full vase at the window. An Asian–motivated bathroom appear a bit unforeseen when set between the other space their design. The piercingly bent barrier plus top limit are a radiant shadow of Chinese crimson. Bounded by town view as well as enclose in pumpkin–hued external ramparts, a pleasant size patio open off the living space admission by additional wide cover goblet door.

Picture Gallery of the Odenplan’s Stunning Modern Stockholm Apartment Design


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