Obsolete Horse Ranch Turning into a Modern Wooden House nearby the Lake

Having a vacation in a modern wooden house nearby a lake is now not the matter anymore in New York, America. Sag Harbour-based studio Bates Masi has been converted an obsolete horse ranch to be a beautiful wooden house on 7,000 square foot. Almost all of the materials for establishing this spacious living home are timber. By expanding the occupation, the back yard of this wooden building is lied a solemn swimming pool in wooden border floor.

It is a magnificent interior to look the inside of the modified ranch. Refined wooden floor in pale brown greets every feet which come in the house. This can be a great modern wooden house project that this American architect studio ever made. The living room is on the second floor of this building. It is in one space with the dining room and kitchen. The spacious room is walled with clear glass of the two side walls which facing the scenery of the vast lake. The gentle light from contemporary pendant lamps provides a golden glow in the entire room.

The other rooms are designed in half open space theme. The clear glass walls help to let the outside splendid sight to come in every room. Still, wood is the most seen in the entire room corner. Even in the bathroom, the minimalist style of bathroom stuff is organized on the wooden floor. Take a look in the bedroom, the vanity is made by the mounted mirrors on the white wall and the wooden table.

Looking by a distance, this building seems to be an old-fashioned house which is left because of its pale color appearance. But, under a clear blue sky this converted building looks elegant with the wooden roof. Finding another left behind construction, these house ideas may be copied to a new house design project for unused building

Picture Gallery of the Obsolete Horse Ranch Turning into a Modern Wooden House nearby the Lake

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