Nice Irregular House with Elongated Shape Hides in Beautiful Garden

One of interesting things in planning a new house is how to make it different from any other general houses. As we know, our house reflects ourselves in terms necessity and desire.

But sometimes the aim of building an irregular house is just to have fun and give the art touches, so that we will be comfortably living in the house and won’t get bored easily of what we have, beside one of the main functions of the house which is where you can have relaxing time.

See an irregular house plan of Soup Architects in Thames Ditton, Surrey, England. This house has irregular shape following the existing garden, thus it looks like hiding in the garden with beautiful plants. It is long and spacious, providing large spaces to hold informal gathering with family.

From the brief view, this house seems like it is divided into two parts; the higher and longer white painted part as the main living space, and a smaller rectangular grey painted part, with a side shaped like a side of triangle. This part is an extra space to enjoy the outside view while spending time with family.

It has large windows surrounding its walls that allow you to see what’s outside clearly. It also contains of furniture which are a set of dark coloured sofa on the corner side, facing the large window, a television and a fireplace on another side. There are kitchen with white cabinet and some bar chairs; and a long meeting table paired with wooden chairs, that all placed here without any partitions.

Next to this room, there is a ceiling-height wooden cupboard, and also a wooden staircase which connects you to the second floor. The staircase is also unique, for it is designed in kind of zigzag form. In brief, the combination of the house arrangement with garden ‘protect’ it is just a wonderful irregular house design.

Picture Gallery of the Nice Irregular House with Elongated Shape Hides in Beautiful Garden

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