Modern Townhouse in Bangkok Fashion District

Positioned in Bangkok Style Area in the new Siamese flower housing difficult, this wonderful unbolt map city house was envision to permit occupant to coexist with the normal environs decorated with wonderfully scenery grounds. To ease this communication with scenery, the city house is planned with ramparts of skylight gap to the outside. The major locale of the house brag an open ground table with a tall two–tale maximum which enclose a big living region, dine space along with kitchen on the original ground. The next bottom skin two bedrooms, a house workplace plus a comfortable bathtub. The house is festooned in a unbiased palette accentuate by touch of black in an assorted, modern chic.

The barrier of window can be see here at the distant rear, sheers as well as long curtains give dark–point solitude plus sieve cruel sunshine throughout the daylight hours. This sight show the unlock room ground map with dining locale, living district as well as stairway foremost to the following flooring. The kitchen is see from this vantage tip with its wineglass field that open or lock as preferred.

From the outside patio, the filled primary bottom is see here with its linear flood of single room into one more. The stairway is exposed here foremost to the next tale. A amazing big patio is centered over the ordinary nearby along with the style area. The bathtub is full of normal brightness as well from a big barrier of window. The bedroom is slight, but its span add to the inhabitable room. A house agency sit on the next ground gone from the bundle along with activity of the below living room.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Townhouse in Bangkok Fashion District


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