Modern Style Italian Kitchens from Scavolini

Scavolini added a fresh touch to the kitchen design. Although art is not a new term anymore to the interior design, but this time Scavolini gives more colorful graphics and gravities to the furniture of kitchen’s wall. Just like in the picture, a different style of the appliances and cabinets really amaze us. Even the amazing gravity also appears as the counter decoration. A laminating flooring absolutely complete this brilliant idea.

I’m not an expert to determine which furniture that has the touch of Italian or Western kitchen design. Most of people who want to pick inspirations for their kitchen also have the difficulties to differentiate the culture theme of a kitchen. But one thing that I can say to this kitchen is, a welcoming kitchen. Although not all the furniture has a branded price, it doesn’t mean that the kitchen looks usual. Look at the combination between brown and white pale. The granite also becomes an exclusive material for the countertop. We can apply the same concept to our kitchen then.

A happy red kitchen looks very awesome with the white color and grey stainless steel as the combination. To create a beautiful kitchen with the same concept, we can purchase or order the kitchen set, including the appliances, cabinets, and counters. As for the decorations, we can choose the same theme with the kitchen set that we ordered. Since stainless steel becomes a great option for the kitchen, we can apply it as the counter top. Do not forget the orange shade of the barstools. It creates a different look to our kitchen.

Why did people call grey as a neutral color? I guess this is the one reason for the question. Grey looks awesome with every bright color as the combination. And now, the genius Scavolini creates orange shades as the combination of grey stainless steel. Some people say that orange is a forgotten color in the architecture. But, here is the trendy orange in a modern kitchen that has a tidy and amazing setting. The appliances and cabinets are separated in the different sides, so it can give a spacious living to the kitchen. White ceramic also creates a brighter look. Perfect.

Another modern kitchen that provides a spacious look comes in different concept and colors. The cabinetry system has a combination colors between brown and white. So that the appliances. But there is a different style, that the cabinet also accommodates a place to put a television and some ceramic decorations. The transparent glass at the cabinets creates a different style to the kitchen. And now, you can save your kitchen utensils without difficulties to find them again next time.

Here comes the kitchen with the combinations between architecture and art. It is beautiful to paint one side of your wall with the bright color that has different concept with furniture in the kitchen and put a nice graphic picture on it. Meanwhile the kitchen island setting will create a friendly impression for everyone who sees it. The solid wooden material with finishes brings a touch of calm color to the room.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Style Italian Kitchens from Scavolini


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