Modern Modular Home Design in Stylish Appearance

Nowadays, you can easily find a modern modular home design just like a modular unit design by LTG Lofts. You can see not only a modular home building, but more than just a building. Look at to the picture properly, and you will see three modular building designs as a set of modern modular units. Maybe it is better for you to find out about modular home design by scrolling down the picture.

You will see modern modular home style that can make you amaze. The first picture shows you the appearance of modern modular terrace. This terrace is separated with the main home building. Look at to the picture where you can see stylish modular terrace with lattice wooden accent. You can find two modern bucket chairs in white color and a sleek white table. You also can find separated modular sitting room in stylish appearance that you can see through the picture.

Before you walk to see the main home building, then you should see the modular sitting room first. The modular sitting room has floor-to-ceiling glass panels so you can see the interior side of the room from the outside. It has modern floating sink in white and black colors combination. Look down to the floor and you will see hardwood flooring material for the sitting room. There is a metal bucket chair in stylish appearance and low coffee table at the sitting room. You also can see comfort black couch with modern standing lamp in the sitting room.

Now, you should see the main home building of this modular unit. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows with black frame color. It has modern interior design in open floor plan concept. The master bedroom is located at the threshold of the house. These all are show you beautiful modern modular home concept in three separated building.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Modular Home Design in Stylish Appearance

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