Modern Minimalist Loft Apartment with Simple Furniture Style

You are able to see that this minimalist loft apartment is so lovely. It has fantastic design as your living space. The internal architecture looks more wonderful with the existence of the simple furniture. The furniture that can be found inside this loft has simple design with nice color. Not only able to help you with your daily activity, but this furniture is also make your place nicer.

This adorable loft apartment has elegant style. It can be seen from the bright wooden floor and white wall in the interior of this space. The existence of the furniture inside this place looks so futuristic. We can begin with the narrow sitting room set below the staircase. This small sitting room has dark grey couch patched on the white wall. This comfortable sofa can be your nice place to sleep at night. It blends with minimalist black floor lamp and purple rug with exotic pattern. This minimalist loft design also has white metal coffee table and white framework chair in the living room.

Almost the entire wall of this residence has white color. If it looks so desolate, you can add black and white painting or photographs in the wall. It will give the pretty touch and increase the beautiful atmosphere of this loft. This space has unique staircase available in the middle area. It has white metal material and combines with wooden steps. You can notice that this staircase looks unique since the first three steps have wooden material and can be used as your simple wooden bench.

If the sitting room has white wall, the kitchen space across the sitting room has black wall and furniture. The black wall blends with black kitchen cabinet. You can also see that this space has black kitchen island with wooden surface and combines with outstanding white bar chairs. Let’s add this minimalist loft interior design in your loft!

Picture Gallery of the Modern Minimalist Loft Apartment with Simple Furniture Style

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