Modern Living Room from the Far East

Modern and luxurious design comes from Eastern. Well organized furniture will be more important than spending so much money to purchase the branded furniture. Peach and grey accents for the furniture and floor furnishing will create glorious and exclusive impressions at the same time. As for the lighting system, we need golden glowing lamps on the wall. Nothing says luxury quite like a chandelier at the center of living room.

Here comes the modern oriental design. The floor and the walls hold the focal point of your attention. No matters if they appear in different colors. As long as they are in the same of natural concept, it will be nice to apply. You can have a nice rug for your living room and give it an instant transformation without doing much. For the lighting system, you choose the ceiling lights. But you can also create brilliance with layers of light that combines a chandelier with recessed lighting, lamps and candlelight.

A modern living room has a countryside design with the lovely wooden materials for the flooring, wall, ceiling and another decoration in the living room. It seems cozy and warm with the using of solid wooden material for the flooring. Stone tiles can also add a cold beauty in a modern living room. Although it might not seem so glamor, having blue can completely transform a space, more eye–catching and chilly impression. A blue couch with the velvet material as the fabric looks gorgeous as the furniture.

Stripped design of the wall create a unique sophisticated in the modern living room. You may fill up your living room with the classic details of the furniture, such as the floor lamp, a set of coffee table and end table, and the cabinet in the front wall of living room. You can always warm up the room by adding an elegant rug. Romantic and relaxed impressions appear in the modern living room. Although it is dark and brown, it can often be used as a neutral accent. A great idea for the front wall made of furnishing stone texture of living room. It reflects the lighting from the ceiling lights dramatically.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Living Room from the Far East


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