Modern Kitchen Interior Design Inspiration

A kitchen with the open plan will create a large room for family gathering. You don’t have to worry to put the huge and heavy appliances. It looks tidy, clean and warm at the same time. Plus, the solid wooden as the material of cabinetry and appliances will be great furniture in a bright illumination and Eco–friendly kitchen.

Your kitchen looks warm and beautiful at evening. The using of wide glass window will give a different illumination to your kitchen. You can always use a concrete material for the flooring and wall. Wonderful.
A modern kitchen with the rustic impression comes from the using of cabinetry system. Brown dominates the furniture in the kitchen. Do not forget to apply golden lighting’s under your cabinets. Those lighting will make your kitchen more valuable and more beautiful. The kitchen looks cozy and cooler with the white marble stone as the flooring. Enjoy your afternoon with a cream cake on a plate and a cup of tea.

A sweet combination between red and grey creates a different look to the kitchen. Huge and shiny modern appliances such as the counter and microwave describe a trendy and stylish design of a kitchen. It becomes more unique with a pair of bars–tools. The same concept also is found in the apartments nowadays. It looks more homey and inviting. Perfect.

An amazing kitchen design with the sophisticated furniture will hypnotize everyone. The natural stones and solid wooden are blended as the material of every piece of furniture in the kitchen. Beautiful granite with the high gloss laminating at the floor, counter–top and back–splash creates a modern and luxurious impression to the kitchen. To win the aesthetic, you can hang a great masterpiece painting to the wall.

A homey and inviting impression appears from the kitchen design. The kitchen also accommodates a dining area, so you can invite your friends to a dinner or lunch sometimes. The using of kitchen set as the furniture creates a sweet and cool impression. Besides, the variety of blue on the appliances makes us feel cheerful. It is a good inspiration to enhance your mood, isn’t it?

Picture Gallery of the Modern Kitchen Interior Design Inspiration


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