Modern Homestead for The Most Wanted Homestead

Having a Modern Homestead with a charming design and a modern is family’s greatest desire. A surprising home becomes the topic today. Maybe you will get inspiration from this attractive home design. The house designed by Juan Carlos Sabbagh completed in 2012. Intelligently designed home provides exceptional comfort and help the world from global warming. The house is trying to fight the heat of the sun to provide natural touch to you.

This Modern Homestead Design was built right on the waterfront. Of course, a superb view of the beach became the main target of this house. In addition, the plants were beautiful to be a part of this house. That is why, this home is designed to counter hot sun. Porch on this house put to good use as a convenient place to greet the sun in the morning. While glass railing fence becomes a cozy place and looks luxurious.

The ground floor of this house used as a safe parking area. Stone tiles can be the right choice as the floor in this modern home. To go to the second floor, beautiful stairs lead the way for us with a high iron fence on the right side and left side. While the rough brick looks weird and sturdy. With a pole that helps and supports this house, this house will be durable shelter.

Finally, we come to the so comfortable living room. The glass wall becomes a painting of a natural picture from the nature. The beauty of the city was so obvious in this room. Meanwhile, the room is equipped with luxury furniture.

It would be a remarkable thing to be in this room. With its dark color, this room seems so arrogant and bold. While the softness of the wind that easily fit into the living room, melt into a cool arrogance. This Modern Homestead Design Ideas brings us to the second heaven.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Homestead for The Most Wanted Homestead

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