Modern Classic and Country Style Bedrooms

Who says that remodel a bedroom becomes a matter? It will be fun if we have a bunch of inspiration. We can combine the modern classic and rustic style to our bedroom. You just need to keep the usual material of furniture n your mind. Rustic style usually consists of wooden or natural stone’s material like in the picture. You can apply the classic detail to your chandelier. Bold pink accent will create a cheerful impression for the people who live in.

An impressive bedroom comes in dark granite as the flooring material. A sweet combination between modern classic and rustic style will create a comfort and inviting impression. The beautiful fabrics on the pillows bring a sophisticated detail. For the final touch, you may put two arch lamps each side of the bed. What makes this modern and rustic bedroom seem so pretty? The attention to detail the wooden material as the flooring, the using of classic armchairs, the mirror that extends the entire length are typically a part of a rustic theme making this modern classic bedroom works well with a rustic comfortable feeling.

A brighter illumination appears in this rustic bedroom. The using of modern and classic design of the furniture looks beautiful with the small cabinet. It has a white mattress and beautiful textured pillows, so the entire room says stay inside for a while and makes you comfortable. A modern classic of a bedroom comes in beautiful details of furniture. You may also apply the natural stone tiles, because the stone material is also one characteristic of rustic design. When the weather outside is very cold, you can keep warm your body.

There are many options of accessories that you can apply in your modern and rustic bedroom. The sweet flower motifs on your pillows and bedspread will show your feminine personality. To create a classic impression, you can apply a beautiful chandelier in your bedroom. Give finishing paint on the timber to make it looks more attractive and durable.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Classic and Country Style Bedrooms


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