Modern Bedroom Design Ideas from Evinco

An attractive decoration of the bedroom comes from Evinco. It consists of the various kinds of shapes, sizes and colors of the furniture are available for each design of the modern living room. Most of the ideas from Evinco have a different design on the wall and fancy headboard like in the picture. The dark theme of the bedroom becomes beautiful because of the glowing light. A beautiful chandelier will be the perfect choice as the lighting system. As for the addition, you can put a table lamp. An attractive impression comes from the using of unique graphic on the wall.

A high–end look of a bedroom will increase your mood that can influence your night–sleep. It looks brighter at noon because of the full length of glass window. The design also has neutral colors that seem cozy and attractive. A fancy headboard from the wooden material is a good idea in the modern type of bedroom. The material also contained on furniture, such as the cabinet and end table. As for the addition, we can place a white furring rug that can create a comfort impression to the bedroom.

Here comes the bedroom design with pale color as the accent. White has been the most popular color in the architecture to create an elegant impression. It has a brighter illumination because of the using of wide glass window. Evinco also has a characteristic to the various kinds of the cushions.

A cheerful situation appears in the bedroom. The interior design of the bedroom reminds us to the Korean movie of My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, when the bedroom of Cha Dae Woong has the open design on the 2nd floor. But, the different is just in the using of color, because this time Envinco gives a brighter accent to the bedroom.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Bedroom Design Ideas from Evinco


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