Modern Bedroom Design From Pillow to Pool

Picture wake from a diplomatic paradise to a muggy dawn heat, with the sun watercourse downward at you; then picture draw reverse the bed costume, walking five ladder to the rim of a fresh blue swimming pool plus headfirst correct in; this is the prospect locate by this balcony of poolside sleep room.

This perpetuity pool here censorship approximately the house, like an aged-earth fortress moat that secluded from interloper. The pervasive result of the irrigate offer the structure a balanced result, approximately as while the obvious walled bedroom is on board a propel, astound on the influence.

This bedroom is fewer like a space with a pond, a more similar to a pond with a divan! This might be a book design, but maybe the reverberation of the entry similar to size plus the burly stink of chlorine would dress in thin attractive rapidly.

This pond tiptoe correct up beneath the divan, even following the descending gate are haggard close. Keep in mind not to clothing such a divan with a valance piece or things may get a small damp approximately the hemline! A extensive cityscape display insert to the magical of a bedside swimming pond on this crown room, nested tall above the busy city illumination.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Bedroom Design From Pillow to Pool


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