Modern Bathroom Designs From Arlex

An inspiring design from Arlex appears as a minimalist type. With the smooth sculptural and beautiful illumination, the bathroom seemed artistic. The beautiful pendant lamps create a dramatic glowing light in the room.
Simple design doesn’t mean the furniture and styles of the bathroom are characterless. A curve mounted cabinet even has an elegant detail and also provide a place to hang your towel off. The unique part is the combination between green and cream as the wall colors in the bathroom creates a fresh and inviting impression.

Every detail in the minimalist type of a bathroom creates a living space. The lack of ornamentation and clutter as the general features of minimalist design will make a simple impression to the bathroom. A wide of mirror and a mounted cabinet from the solid wooden as the main material will be perfect in this minimalist bathroom.

A bright and shine bathroom has different theme with the others. This time Arlex tries to bring an oriental touch to the bathroom. A bonsai tree as the ornament gives a different look with the black accent as its pot. Besides, a unique arch lamp in the bathroom as the lighting system seems great in the elegant black design.

There’s nothing like improving your hygiene and mood with the shower after a hard day work. The orange shade creates a warm and cheerful impression to the bright bathroom. you may also have a floral pattern on the furniture. It enhances the artistic value in the bathroom.

The lack of ornaments and decorations create a living space that has a freedom of movement. Because the room doesn’t have a lot of objects, each decoration needs to be perfectly chosen. For example an armchair that has a classic detail and a stylish mounted cabinet that has an organic accessory on top of it. Do not forget to put an animal rug to enhance the artistic value in the bathroom.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Bathroom Designs From Arlex


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