Modern balcony designs pictures with garden decoration

This time I will write about the decor and design of the balcony in a modern house. This time I had a dream to be able to relax at home after work and I think it seems great idea to design natural balcony and we can see the scenery outside the house is also still feels fresh and you might think the same with me. nah this time there are a few images balcony design can provide inspiration for those of you who are planning to make your dream home a balcony.

Currently a garden house or yard is very difficult especially if you live in urban. for that we will utilize the existing balcony at home even though the later narrow size can still be used to make a mini garden. So this time it takes a good idea for the park in the balcony still looks cool even in narrow places.

One of the ideas that we will use is to hang pots on the balcony with plants that are fresh and do not forget to color the flower pot to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye but that you can also add a chair and a coffee table.

If space is a balcony on your house is really narrow , then create a mini garden with pots on the balcony design could be one creative alternative ideas

Shapes and colors that stand out can be used as a balcony or a distinguishing marker and make the house feel different from other residential . By adding a fence with hanging pots and plants , it can create a mini garden on the balcony of our house.

ornamental balcony with plants or flowers our favorite ! Besides being able to make the dwelling look beautiful on the whole , the atmosphere on the balcony feels lush and cool .

Do not worry if the balcony on our occupancy is not that big or wide . Although narrow or small , the balcony can be in order in such a way that feels comfortable for relaxing .

The idea of ​​making a mini garden on the balcony is a unique way to create a residential atmosphere we look more beautiful and cool . Mini garden on the balcony can be made much like parks on land in general . By adding the element stones , grass , wood and water fountains and candles make this mini garden setting looks natural .

Creative inspiration mini garden on the balcony with a stone , grass , wood , water fountain and wax so it looks natural

Creating vertical plants as seen in the picture below is one idea for us who have small balconies but want to still look cool with plants . Creative inspiration mini garden on the balcony with vertical plant

Mini garden on the balcony of this one is well suited as a place to relax and get some fresh air at night . Presence of light elements can add to the warmth of the atmosphere as we relax with family or loved ones in our lives . Inspiration mini garden on the balcony with a light element is well suited as a place to relax and get some fresh air at night

Candles or lights in a bottle that hung or placed around balcony but can be a source of light at night , will also make our residential balcony look beautiful and attractive . We can add some plants around the lighting to the impression that we want a mini garden can be seen .

As an integral part of our living space , of course, the creation of parks should receive special attention . Not only serve as an addition to a green area , but can also accommodate a variety of activities we are with family members . Leisure activities can we maximize the mini park in the area , such as reading a book while enjoying the breeze on the balcony of our house. Or just sit back for a moment .

Everything from the green plants and colorful flowers that can supposedly eliminate refreshing level of depression or stress that has clung we were solid on routine activity and boredom . Calm the mind for a moment can be obtained by creating a garden at our house . Should not be large and spacious , but we can take advantage of a small space on the balcony to make a mini garden at our house as the inspiration that was submitted above.

Picture Gallery of the Modern balcony designs pictures with garden decoration

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