Luxury Modern Bathroom Designs from Schmidt

Remodel a bathroom with the inspirations from the designers will is getting popular in the modern architecture. This gorgeous bathroom comes from Schmidt with the Indian culture touch. The black and white concept on the decoration looks very beautiful with the red accent. The using of marble as the flooring material will create a cool and exclusive impression. Don’t forget to use a plush rug with the floral motif like in the picture.

Actually, the tiles are commonly used as the bathroom material. But the unique decoration is the mounted cabinets in the bathroom that comes as a frame of a wide mirror. Although it has a huge size, it accommodates the bathrooms accessories, towel, and the double basins.

The Western and Indian culture are blended, create an artistic bathroom that has a dramatic lighting and describe the larger and the height of a bathroom. The mounted cabinet with the blue accent has a different style with other designs. Especially, the using of natural bricks as the material of the wall will win the aesthetic of a bathroom.
An amazing bathroom with the red accent as the color for the closed cabinet is a great idea.Elegant and luxurious concepts are blended, create an attractive bathroom that connected with the gym area. Elegant bathtub with the gas tab for relaxation also accommodates the bathroom for spa.

This time Schmidt help the people who getting headache because of the confusing of so many bathroom stuff that can ruin the house. The design of bathroom accommodates not only shower and bathtub, but also a wardrobe and towel racks. It looks fascinating isn’t it?

Are you looking for the stylish design that looks modern for your small bathroom? The last design from Schmidt has an amazing decoration, such as the curved basin under the mirror. The closed cabinet can hide necessary accessories, so it saving the space living. Blue accent in white concept of bathroom looks attractive and inviting.

Picture Gallery of the Luxury Modern Bathroom Designs from Schmidt


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