Luxurious House Design in The Netherlands Ceramic Tiles

Look this picture, it is unique architecture. The build make from good material. Grey color makes it beautiful. The roof is unique shape like triangle. This is the detail of house. Front is guestroom then, up stairs, bedroom, bathroom and behind is terrace. House is very simple but luxurious. In the corner, house is very nice. Look at near, garden is beautiful, there are some flowers and the yard have good floor. It is very nice because it can give you enjoy feel. That’s great house with beautiful environment. Look at the lake; it is very nice with some green trees.

You can feel how the fresh air in there. The room is simple with glasses door in the down stairs. The wall from metal in make good look because like very clean and comfort. Stairs is very simple make it from metal too. House from the inside, it is beautiful isn’t? Purple flower in the garden and green grass. House is big and the shape is unique. The yard is big making it from concrete and some of wall from glass. Look at front it is very beautiful. With small green garden. The wall until up are the same shape. Yard is very big it make comfort n enjoy. So this is dreaming house every one.

Picture Gallery of the Luxurious House Design in The Netherlands Ceramic Tiles


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