Living Room Styles 2010-2013 by Natuzzi

The interior design from Natuzzi had a special character by the using of neutral colors for the decoration. The neutral colors can offer energy efficiency by keeping heat in and cold out during colder months. Besides, it will be easy for us to combine it with all the concepts that we want to apply. A cozy living room with the neutral concept offers you extraordinary ocean scenery.

Another feature from Natuzzi’s design is the position of the furniture that keeping space in the living room. The decorations look simple, but have such a warm and friendly impression. The using of wooden material as the book storage and a coffee table are the best choice to apply in a cozy living room like this.

Back to nature concept appears in this room. It has a tropical situation that brings us to the warmth impression. The letter L sofa looks fascinating as furniture in the living room. Neutral colors will always bring a brighter impression, isn’t it? A romantic impression appears in the living room. If you pay more attention to the formation of the sofa and arch lamp are similar with a goose that lays a golden egg in the fairy tale’s story. Wooden materials are still used as the furniture, especially for the floating shelves.

Family time becomes the best moment for you in a cozy living room like this. The neutral colors are dominant to create a simple and warm impression. You can always hang a great painting on the wall that aims to increase the artistic value of a living room. As a final touch, a grey rug can be used to delineate specific areas within the room.

A relax time after a hard day job will be the one your needs in a living room. You can apply an office chair with the black leather material that looks appropriate with the living room concept. As for the final addition, plush area furring rug will create a comfort impression in your living room.

Picture Gallery of the Living Room Styles 2010-2013 by Natuzzi


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