Living room bookcase designs and decorating ideas in modern house

Pals,this time I will share picture of bookshelf design in living room . Like reading a book or novel ? How many books and novels in your home ? Yes , this article may be useful for those who do not want your favorite books a mess in the house . If you have many books , the best solution is to store bookshelf .

Bookcase is one that actually function room accessories are not just a place to store books and other goods , the function of bookcases now increasingly widespread , as well as an additional accent to sweeten the room , bookcases can also function as a room divider . If you put a bookcase in the living room, you can make the book shelf as decoration design your living room .

Maybe almost all houses must have bookshelves . Many also design bookcase luxury made ​​as furniture that can beautify the home interior decoration . For those of you who are designing a minimalist home , bookcases can also be made with a minimalist adjust the existing space and this time we place a bookshelf in the living room . Design can be made as attractive as possible so as to make room interior decorating into beautiful and comfortable . Actual bookshelf can be placed anywhere in the section house like the bedroom , kitchen , or even in the bathroom .

Determine the theme

Make sure you have determined the theme of your room , a simple example , if you want a classic theme in your room , make sure you choose the appropriate bookshelf , it would seem odd if you choose a minimalist bookshelves for your classic room

Measure the room to your bookshelf

Measure your room and decide where you will put the bookcase . Measure how many sizes are available and seek the appropriate bookshelf . Make sure there is enough room to walk around and do not make the room too narrow . Measure the distance from the floor to the roof , make sure the height of the bookshelf you want.

What will be put on the bookshelf

What items would you put on your bookshelf . Not just books , you can also put a variety of knick-knacks , such as board games , video games , photo frames , a collection of films and others. From here you can find out the number and the size required on your bookshelf . You can imagine what your bookshelf . How many drawers ? Shelf with glass doors ? In this way, you will choose the faster and bookshelves .

Customize your bookcase furniture with style

When buying a bookcase , you need to pay attention to the style , materials , and colors . If you can not find the right style to your room , then try to integrate with the color and theme of your room .

If your bookshelf design cool , it will be a plus for you and the course will also make more eager to read the book . Below we present a collection of bookshelves in the living room with a minimalist style with unique design , creative and cool . Picture bookshelves here made ​​modern with designs on walls or other narrow spaces . Hope can be a reference for you in laying out your favorite books in the living room bookshelf

Picture Gallery of the Living room bookcase designs and decorating ideas in modern house

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