interior design color trends 2014

Maybe this time a perfect time to write about interior design color trends 2014.Color is a form of non- verbal communication that can express the message instantly and universally understandable . Some colors can calm us , excite , make us happy even make us sad , depending on our perception of the color . People affected by the color more than they realize , because the color is present in all aspects of our lives .

A color is applied to the wall not only beautify the look of your home but also give a certain image and it certainly gives a certain effect for homeowners . Trends are created as a benchmark of what is expected to happen at any given moment . To get a positive mood in the dwelling , you can try interior color palette ideas for 2014:


Of the diversity of colors , white is the basic color that has timeless power . White also gave the aura of freedom and openness . White can be combined with any color . White color can be used to bring a bright and spacious atmosphere in the interior . Impression of elegance and classic colors can be generated through this .Spectrum has 60 color choices of white ” Lighter 60 Off Whites ” are ideal for your home wall . This white colors represent the colors of white are popular in contemporary interior style .


The color of the sea and sky impressive colors that give you peace and comfort . Blue is the favorite color of both men and women . Blue gives the impression of calm, relaxed , and soothing but also increase productivity . Such as white , blue is considered as a clean color . Dark blue color will stimulate clear thinking , while the light blue color will help improve concentration .
For Interior Spectrum has 16 blue color options contained in the ” High Performance Interior Colors . ” Whilst the Exterior color choices are blue in the 80 ” High Performance Exterior Colors . ”


The green color brings a refreshing impression as associated with nature and plants . The green color gives a sense of security , as well as balance and harmony . Such as blue , green tend to be calm , relaxed and often used as therapy . As a combination of blue and yellow , the color green being the most soothing color eyes . Combination of a refreshing quality of blue and bright yellow make green fits implemented in almost every room of the house .

That is some ideas about interior design color trends 2014 with interior color photos and maybe can give you some inspiration

Picture Gallery of the interior design color trends 2014

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