Interesting Tea House in Prague to Enjoy Tea in Different Sense

Have you visited a tea house before? If you haven’t, this time we will invite you to walk in a garden in Prague, Czech Republic. This place has a wooden building specially designed to enjoy tea. Created by David Mastalka, A1 Architects, this house was established among the beautiful garden. The environment around it is not like artificial garden in the modern house. The designers keep them natural by letting big trees growing and the leaves falling down.

Built on 23 square feet, tea house idea uses Oriental style that is identical with wooden construction. It applies open design house on its half wall with more spaces to allow the natural light in as well as the wind. The woods are arranged vertically to balance the landscape around it. That makes the house looks traditional. Usually we find the tea house in Japan for Japanese tea ceremony, but here the architects tried to adapt the design adjusted to the nature where it is placed. It is very different from tea room in Bohemian or Victorian style which looks more modern.

Tea room, as known as ‘chashitsu’ in Japanese tradition, has main room covered by closed wooden wall. Of course, this is not the real tea room in which everyone coming, he/she should bend or lower the body. It is just opened and provides the outside view. In front of the house, there is small place functioned as the terrace. The main characteristic of this place is it has no furniture and really simple. Also, the design uses low ceiling but not too narrow like the real one. The ceiling is beautified by sophisticated lighting fixture in big round shaped. It produced white light that succeeds building the atmosphere in here.

It sounds interesting, right? In a sunny day, you can enjoy the tea with your friends or family. But, be prepared, you have to sit in cross legged. It must give memorable experience for you. Not only in the bright day, has it seemed a good idea to warm yourselves by drinking hot tea in the winter with supported place. Such design is really prospective for commercial purpose. It will be tea house business idea that carries traditional elements to attract the consumers.

Picture Gallery of the Interesting Tea House in Prague to Enjoy Tea in Different Sense

Awesome Teahouse by A1 Architects Interior with Wooden CeilingAttractive Interior of Teahouse by A1 Architects with Wooden WallAmazing Architecture of the Teahouse by A1 ArchitectsWonderful Interior of the Teahouse by A1 ArchitectsSmall Teahouse by A1 Architects with Dark ShuttersMinimalist Teahouse by A1 Architects Interior with Brown FloorInteresting Exterior Look of the Teahouse by A1 ArchitectsFantastic Teahouse by A1 Architects with Dark ShuttersFabulous Teahouse by A1 Architects Exterior with Wooden Floor

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