Innovative IT Office Design Modified Like Old Coffee Shop So Unique

How to make you enthusiastically finishing job? Certainly charming sensation in office is important to build good mood of workers to work pleasantly. One of the ways to build positive mood in office is by renovating it like IT Office Design.

Office in Timisoara adopts coffee shop design as creative ideas to renovate office into different look. Ezzo design that creates this fantastic office design certainly proves their brilliant ideas. Geometric architectural office is seen from trapezoid roof design. Rectangular skylights enhancing brightness are available here.

At a glance IT Office Design ideas seem like old coffee shop. Rustic wood floor and vintage furniture existing here represents old style. You will be interested in dark wall painted with map wall mural. Leather tufted sofa, wood box coffee table, square stools, and loaf sofa are available in this stylish office.

Next to classic sofa set, there is round wood table and colorful metallic chairs. Nice tabletop embellishes round wood table. Old bookcase where you can store files and stationery is colored in black to adjust black painted wall.

Concrete ceiling adorned with shiny bulb light enlighten your spacious office. Arched door and classic door design makes perfect traditional taste. Untreated wood desk that melds with rustic wood floor has unique characteristic. It is equipped with cool black swivel chair. Dark metallic table lamps are placed on wood desk. To border workspace with another one, glass wall partition is applied here.

There is wall TV setup that will entertain you when you feel bored working all day. Metallic bookcase in black color is suitable with amazing IT Office Design ideas. Hanging bookcase is quite effective to save space in rustic office interior. Some workspaces are enlightened with modern bowl pendant lamps. Meeting room is equipped with long rectangular table made of untreated wood and cushy white padded chairs.

Picture Gallery of the Innovative IT Office Design Modified Like Old Coffee Shop So Unique

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