Hottest Unique Exterior: Pretty Contrast Orange and White Exterior

Have you ever wondered to have unique exterior for your home? Have you ever felt live in home complete with unusual exterior? If you never felt and wondered about the issue before, today means your lucky day! Why? It is because you are invited to join in special trip to explore an unusual exterior from a contemporary house in suburb area of Melbourne, Australia, South Yarra region. If you are the one who so much interested in extraordinary house design, let’s go!

Friends, say Hello to South Yarra House, a modern house that is a realization of in two storey home plans. This is a trendy masterpiece from Melbourne-based architect, the LSA Architects and these images below are precisely adopted by the designer itself. Construction of this house is similar with most modern house design, adopts the geometric shape. And when we notice the unique exterior house designs both of the frontage and the backmost side of the house is full of shocking effects.

Move towards to the frontage of the building, we can see through these pictures that this section is full of aspects that what we cannot think about them before. Imagine that you have bulging living space in the first level which is totally colored in orange palettes. Well, the ground level looks more attractive in original color of concrete with a little bit helps from dark accent of the gate and fence. Similar with the frontage, the backside of the building is identical with orange hues and broken white colors assisted by deep gray schemes and vibrant elements.

By the way, the construction of the first level is made from concrete covered by multilayered materials and glass. Besides, wood and metal are bravely help the exterior find the way to explore the beauty and modernity itself. Hmm…smells good, right? If you talk about modern exterior house designs with friends or family, don’t forget to discuss about how to improve it without damage anything, break up everything.

Picture Gallery of the Hottest Unique Exterior: Pretty Contrast Orange and White Exterior

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