Home gardening tips to make house look more beautiful with garden

One part of the exterior of the house that can be beautifully design of house is home garden. Charming courtyard will surely make you and your family feel at home to enjoy the beautiful courtyard . If your home has a large yard area and adequate , you can design a more attractive garden . You can design garden s with grass plants . Yes , when the grass has many functions designed neat and orderly . Not only in terms of aesthetics , the lawn is also beneficial in terms of environment and health . The usefulness of this plant can protect the soil from water erosion and also capable of remedy, around the house . You can choose the type of grass plants with characteristics that easily set up, grow with low altitude , and other fast thrives . Overgrown yard grass plants will be more beautiful when combined with a variety of flowers and fish pond / garden with water fountain . You can visit the following article to see the various pools to decorate your home garden courtyard

» Let’s not put too close to the plant row . This will make your home gardens and small narrow even more impressed . You can make a wide arch and wide .

» It is better to grow crops as a straight line , because the straight lines and neat design creates a beautifully landscaped garden .

» If you buy a variety of plants or flowers for your home garden , do not choose one type only . You can put different kinds of plants per group with a neat arrangement . This design will create a landscape more beautiful and attractive .

» In the back yard , you can put a set of furniture complete with sofa , chairs and table . You can use this area for relaxing or gathering place for family members . Models of furniture for areas customized garden with home garden management. For example , the classic -style furniture fits garden with lots of flowers or classic style home design concepts . You can also choose furniture made ​​from wood , if you want to want a natural atmosphere .

You can put a gazebo in your backyard . Function of the gazebo in the yard can be used as a lounge or family can also receive guests for the immediate family . Gazebo for garden design there are a variety of models , including Balinese gazebo or Java . Gazebo is unique to beautify your home garden design . If you want to bring a gazebo , here we present some tips in designing the house to look beautiful gazebo :

» Gazebo made ​​from wood material should be made ​​together with the exterior of the house and garden in harmony with the surroundings . Gazebo could be a place that is protected from heat and rain for the area relaxing family member .

» Adjust the gazebo models are applied to the design of the house , be it minimalist model , modern , Mediterranean and others . And what about the size ? Gazebo on the home garden there should be large . Size of 2 × 2 meters can accommodate 4-5 people in it . Ideally , the minimum of which is placed gazebo has a garden that covers approximately 100 square feet including home garden .

» You can put lower plant to decorate a garden house . You can use the vines on poles in order to appear more beautiful gazebo .

» Form a sloping gazebo can be an attractive option . In order to look more beautiful and lush , near the gazebo Design a fish pond with green plants that make the atmosphere more comfortable home garden .

» In order to look attractive gazebo at night , you can decorate it with lights hanging in the gazebo or lights that are placed on poles .

Limited space does not mean you can not make a garden can create beautify the home garden . You still can make the exterior of the house with an attractive appearance with a natural feel with a simple small garden .

If the size of your home garden is not as extensive , well-designed garden plant pots can be a smart solution . Plants with a particular pot or container can be made ​​easily and quickly . Rows of decorative flower pots have a function that can create the impression of beauty and coolness . You can give your ornament the minimalist garden with fountains , rocks , statues and so on .

Theme parks can be adjusted to taste homeowner or home early concepts . You can choose themes such as tropical gardens ( flower colorful ) , aromatic garden ( plants that smell nice / fragrance ) , garden living pharmacy (medicinal plants ) and also the herb garden ( plants for cooking needs ) . If the model of your house made ​​of wood or bamboo houses , home gardens can be designed with earthenware pots with a unique design to plant colorful flowers . As for the minimalist home design , you should use pots or bottles made ​​of zinc . Then you can put water plants or plants that are exotic shade .

The most important thing in designing a garden in your backyard is narrow creative ideas from homeowners . You can put a variety of plants in groups according to the type and color of plants combined with ornament garden , fountains , natural stone , garden lights and so on . This can create a cozy atmosphere and refreshing . Here’s another article that might be your inspiration in managing the home garden of the narrow garden .

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