home door designs with solid and simple design

During this time the door is often regarded as a functional object, that is the way in or out, barring from the outside world, and protective equipment. Therefore, the Door design (especially the Door design front and back) used to be made as solid and as strong as possible. The door has additional functions other than those mentioned above. The Door design is a manifestation of the characteristics and communication style house owner. The door is always closed state residents tried to distance or even refuse to communicate. The open door is a sign that residents are ready to interact.

house door design was issued a distinct impression. For example, doors that are large, heavy, and full engraving will convey the impression of elegance or luxury, but can also be arrogant or even haunted. Therefore, choose a design house door carefully, to match the shape / model home and represent your personality.

  • Safety or security
  • The door Design model
  • Wood material
  • Price

The door is our means to get out into the house, and our home store various items of value. To keep the goods at home needed a door that is enough to fortify our homes from the hands of ignorant, then designed and made in accordance with the security to our homes. Suppose the front Door design of our house using texwood door or plywood that is less secure, and easy to uprooted, in contrast to the doors of solid wood that has the power and security guaranteed. Besides, in terms of door designs can also be a safety factor, if the door panel only and is combined with various accessories such as glass, it is also less secure. To support the necessary security keys that are strong and durable and not easily uprooted by the people who are not responsible.At the core of making the door to our house is safety. And this is very important for the creation of a safe house when we left to go.

To beautify our house door design which also determines, whether the model of classical, minimalist, semi-minimalist. But do not just pursue designs that we want but ignore safety, safety in terms of door design is less like glass. Can we place the model in other positions.

Door models now tend to be high to display the minimalist design, it was both in terms of the other models have shortcomings, such as simple wooden arch. If the door is too high precarious nature of wood means that wood can be changed due to extreme weather conditions even though the wood is dry.
To anticipate the minimalist model we can use loster above is without prejudice to the frame and in terms of design and minimalist aesthetic. Why use loster, to reduce the risk of curved wood on the door that high.

This is very important in the manufacture of doors, the wood material for the door as merbau, meranti wood camphor wood. Wood has different characteristics in terms of texture, elasticity and hardness of wood, and should not be ruled out that the wood is dry. Wood is very artistic and interesting than beauty texture each timber has a different texture such as teak, have a wonderful texture motifs and strong and durable, as well as other wood. Determine the finalfinishing of wood doors, when using transparent paint.

Picture Gallery of the home door designs with solid and simple design

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